And unfortunately unable to take on any new clients until further notice.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

But we do have great local grooming salons - you could try...

Doggone Fabulous on Priory Rd

Foxy Groomers or Tops Dogs

Looking and smelling good

Results after one double session

Teeth Cleaning

Collars Leads &


Appointments are solely based on building a bond and trust between groomer and pet. That's why we exclusively give one on one care consistently by Shelley our owner and level 3 qualified stylist. Prepping, bathing and grooming your pet without interruption and distraction from other members of staff and other dogs.

This also includes telephone calls, we appreciate this can be frustrating if your trying to get through but we will call you back. The pet is the client and the priority during there groom. Running the business this way has proven to be less stressful for your pet whilst preserving the salons positive energy. 

Booking by appointment only

Advanced bookings are advised to avoid disappointment

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Priory Bark has the right to refuse an animal who shows sign of risk to themselves or the Groomer. We do not except any animal that is extremely vocal, we are a residential premises and we love and respect our neighbours. TIA