Alexandra Park Dogs

Full Body Cat Shave off                 £75

Half body Cat Shave off        £45

Wash & Blow-dry                 £45

Cat Nails Clipped                  £15

We currently are no longer excepting new cat clients due to high demand.


Dog nails clipped          From £10

Please Note prices are always based on dogs and cats with a good temperament and those who are groomed regularly.

An extra charge will apply for matted breeds.

A Full Dog Groom includes

Blueberry facial

Nails clipped and or filed

Ears cleaned & hair is reduced   

Hygiene clip

Two shampoo's from a wide selection of appropriate shampoo 

Coat conditioning treatment (unsuitable for some coats)

High velocity Blast and or Blow dry

Coat clip and scissor cut finish.

A choice of perfume

Full groom prices start from as little as £25

For Full Groom breed prices Click 

Dog grooming Crouch End

Mineral Cell regeneration £10

                               Luxurious Madra Mor Spa treatment

                                 Highly recommended for dogs with sensitive                                          irritated skin.

                                  This 30 minute pamper really calms itchy skin to                               promote healing also includes a rhythmic massage  


Wash and Blast from £12

Available during warm months only as you dogs coat will be damp

Tough Mudder £18 

Get rid of grime with this wash, blast and blow-dry.

Large-ex large breeds £25

Double coated breeds start from £35.

An extra charge will be applied if your dog is matted.

Hand-stripping from £25

Available for wire coated breeds at an hourly rate or full strip prices based on breed. See price guide.

Dog Salon Crouch End

           Ultrasonic Dental Hygiene

                   North London's 1st Ultrasonic teeth cleaning ! 

   This hugely successful non porous oral treatment has proven a             huge success in eradicating plaque at minimal costs.


  Using Emmi-Pet. The original Ultrasonic tooth brush for animals         

        Motion and soundless dental hygiene with no sedation.

                               Remember you saw it here first ;)


A grooming salon is a scary place for a pet, they are separated from there owners in a strange smelling place with incredibly loud noises. Some dogs cope with this but most dogs don't. To help them become accustomed to a salon puppy/kitty introductions are advised. At Priory Bark we are offer calm, gentle and fun introductions  to grooming for your puppy or kitten at a very reasonable price. 

Super Puppy Package Deal £60 

x4 1hr slots plus a full groom. Highly recommended!

Slot 1.      Lots of play and fun around the salon whilst introducing                    each loud element of a working salon gradually and safely.

Slot 2.      Nails clipped, ears cleaned and a bath and blow dry.

Slot 3.      Introduction of the clippers with a hygiene clip.

Slot 4.      Introduction to scissoring and safe handling techniques    Slot 5.      Full groom

At Priory Bark we believe in giving your pups the best introduction to the sounds and sensations of a working salon... but one step at a time. That's why we offer a Super Puppy Package Deal for Just £60.

You get 4 salon 1 hr visits plus a full groom with your pup for only £60 !!

This involves all the above four sessions then on your 5th visit you actually get a full groom at no extra cost.

Because we truly believe in gentle little steps!

Available until they're 6months old.

Happy Puppy £15-£25    Duration : 1-1.5 hrs           Suitable age : ASAP

This service depends on your puppies/kittens response but we usually try and get the puppy bathed and dried nails clipped and if your puppy is ready a hygiene clip too! 

Please note ; You will NOT get a full groom with your puppy.

If this is what you would like then you pay a full groom adult price or take advantage of the Super Puppy Package.

Available until they're 6months old.

Anal Glands £10

Vets express glands from inside (which is better) and groomers tend to express from the outside which is effective in some cases. Recent research indicates automatically expressing anal glands loses muscle tone. Soft stools could be one of the reasons your dog shows signs of anal irritation as a harder stool would help this process naturally. Always seek advice from your vet!



The removal of tight knots can often be painful to dogs and cats often dangerous when using sharp 

equipment so close to the skin. 

We adhere passionately to the animal welfare act and here at Priory Bark we know when enough is enough! 

Whilst some coats are more prone to mat, regular daily brushing is the best method. If we need to clip off the mats on your dog we are not judging you but merely using the best methods to look after your dog.

We love dogs too and fur can grow back!

Please note should your dog require de-matting an additional fee will apply in addition to the full groom price. 


We constantly strive to keep up to date. 

That's why we believe attendance to seminars and dog shows a crucial part of our ongoing commitment to offer the best available product and service we can. 

Keeping it stress free!
Please could you arrive 5mins before your appointment. And if this is your first visit then you will need to fill out a form so please turn up 15mins prior for this.
People arriving late creates a snowball effect in the salon that is unfair for clients who manage to arrive on time and there dogs whom have to wait. I don't like to keep a dog waiting longer than 20mins before there groom, it's unfair and sometimes stressful. Should you arrive 20 mins late or after it is likely your appointment will be cancelled. I'd prefer to lose the takings than to put any stress on myself and the dogs, as they can pick up signals and I don't want this. Obviously some things happen that's life and I will try to work around helping you as best as I can. But my priority is my dogs at all times.

   We accept cash or card payments.