Holistic Pain Relief  £30 per session or £150 for 6

Scenar Cosmodic is a modern rehabilitation and prevention therapy that communicates using a series of electrical pulses to the animals nervous system. This device has a non invasive approach to holistic healing and pain relief. Each session is usually 20 - 30 minutes but can sometimes take up to an hour. 

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Scenar is a Russian invention and medical development which has been around successfully now since 1970 Scenar (pain relief) coupled with Cosmodic technology (healing) can equally assist with most health concerns. This device works by waking up the animals body to a problem and then re-establish the neurological pathways necessary for healing and recovery. 

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The device is placed onto the dogs damp fur on the required setting. Depending on the treatment the dog can sometimes feel a gentle pulsing. This is often enjoyed by the animal and can be quite soothing. 

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Rossi has Arthritis in his back legs.  

He had a warm bath prior to his treatment and is being dried, hence he is wearing a "Happy Hoodie". A bath is not necessary before treatment but in some cases preferred by the owner.

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My horse Flake suffered a severe kick to her tendon sheath on her hind leg. After the tendon was flushed and the injury sewn up she went on to develop a sesamoid bone infection. She became very lame and was put on a strong course of antibiotics, her prognosis looked very bleak. I decided to try Scenar Cosmodic therapy and 4 weeks after her 1st treatment the X-ray showed the bone had completely reformed. The surgeon and the vet were amazed. She is now sound in walk and trot and I will be back in the saddle with in the next few weeks. I totally recommend Scenar Cosmodic for any injuries in your horse a completely holistic approach with no downside.
Giselle Bailey - Personal Trainer