It's a tough job but someones got to do it !

What do you get for £10 per hour? 

With additional hours comes additional benefits these include free nail care, free puppy groom training, a free regular walk with walk to heal disciplines and recall.

If you have to leave your beloved puppy then what could be a better place could than our family home equipped with it's own professional dog grooming salon too! Get your pups used to the sites and smells of a grooming spa coupled with constant supervised care in our family home and garden. Rossi our Boxer dog is great at getting them socialised and tends to be a bit of a grandpa figure that all pups adore. 

A safe and healthy balance between puppy care and dog grooming is of upmost importance. Priority is given to whomever books first and the specific requirements needed for each pet, we don't stack them in! But we feel a maximum of just two puppies is a perfect balance or one puppy one groom. Our salon really has a positive, happy energy that dogs pick up on, so it's very important to keep it that way. 

For vaccinated puppies.

Any enquiries call Shelley on 020 8347 6546



Puppy Day care in Hornsey
FIND​ US  Close to Priory Park

Mon      9.00am- 5.30pm

Tues      9.00am- 5.30pm

Wed      Closed

Thurs     9.00am- 5.30pm

Friday    9.00am- 5.30pm

​Sat        9.30am - 4pm

Sun       Closed



The Basement

1 Priory Ave


N8 7RP

T / 0208 3476546
M/ 07391 027132

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